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There is lots of misunderstandings as to what kinds of water damage is protected with a property insurance coverage. Because there are many property insurance mold claims being refused, property owners remain with many different questions with regards to water damage in their home. Let us take a peek at kinds of water damage that is covered by your home insurance plan and just what to do when water damage occurs in your home.
Property owners insurance policies will not pay for damages as a result of flood, however they do cover other kinds of water damage. For instance, they might usually cover harm from rain coming through the gap in the roofing or a damaged windows in case the gap was due to strong storm winds.

In contrast, when you have a hidden water pipe leaks at your residence and over time water damage happens, that might not be insured. It basically comes down to whether or not the water damage was the result of a covered risk like a storm… if the water damage was resulting from you not keeping your house taken care of and serviced in that case your insurance wouldn’t cover it. If you do not understand what water damage is includedin your policy, take a look at property insurance policy or seek advice from your home insurance provider, before any damage takes place

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